How do you stop snoring?

The major  reason people snore a lot is due to weight – so success at losing those extra pounds might also mean quiet sleep.  That’s not easy, though.

Even a quiet sleeper might snore after a big meal, or, especially, after alcohol too close to bedtime. If you are having trouble with snoring, it’s time to look at your alcohol pattern – a  glass of wine with dinner is one thing, but a few drinks in the evening just before bedtime will not only likely cause snoring, it can have very serious effects on sleep quality, weight and general health.

From a medical perspective, the biggest problem with snoring is it is very often a sign of a more serious problem, obstructive sleep apnea. 

Getting a simple device from the Internet or even  your dentist without first finding out if you have sleep apnea means you might become a quiet sleeper but not avoid the extreme health risks of  apnea.  Dentist-provided devices must be  the  result of a sleep test – if that shows you only snore, then, by all means, get the simplest solution you can find.

Premier Sleep Associates helps you find the right answer to your snoring.  If that problem is on your  mind, causing trouble for you, there are solutions.  We can direct you to proper diagnosis and the right solution that protects your health as you improve your quality of life!